Unlike school, life does not really give us many opportunities to know the correct answer. There is only the answer we choose, not because we have enough information, but because we made a choice.

We all love to be right. It makes us feel all warm inside. We have been conditioned all our lives to find the right answer. But it’s wrong. They don’t really exist.

What’s more, in most cases, we still believe in quantity of information, that if we can find more…

A simple map of the Tarot Major Arcana…

The Tarot is a systemic map of perspectives, if we apply it within an organization, it can provide a foundation for ethical action.

Over the last few months, I’ve been creating and validating a Systemic Data Ethics framework. A system designed to assist progressive organizations to understand the big picture of what is involved in cultivating company cultures that can use technology, data, AI and automation for the benefit of humanity.

An online tool to generate three questions for retrospective or strategy meetings.

When you need to get some really interesting, unexpected, insights from your team… maybe try a database of meaningful questions — a few hundred years old.

The Tarot is a tool for insight. …

The Tarot is a book of change. It tells a story of the way things change. The process of learning Tarot is learning to recognise how the pattern of change appears around you.

I’ve followed my own path to learn the Tarot. Most of what I’ve learned in the last 20 years has come from the cards themselves. Studying their patterns, laying them out in different ways, cross-referencing. …

Forget the superstition, the Tarot is a map of meaning that lets you unpick complexity. To learn the cards, learn the system.

The Tarot is one of the great books, a deep and rich work of philosophy about the nature of life and change — written entirely in symbols. …

Change the nature of your work.

We’ve got to learn to work in a whole new way. The very foundations of our organizations have to change. We need to make this change urgently, and we have to do it “without stopping the train”.

From static to dynamic

One of the ways to describe the changes we need to make is…

The future is too complex for anyone to have a plan, we have to learn to do things differently.

We’re in a time where the future is hidden from us. There is such uncertainty, such complexity in every direction, that no-one can see how we are going to get through to somewhere a little less dark. In this swirl of potential apocalypses the desire to find a hero, to…

We’re exploring new ways of doing, being and working. It’s a long journey. We’d like to share the path. This is a snapshot of some of what we found along the way.

Newsletter #1 — September 2020

We’re out to ‘Change the nature of work’. We believe that doing this requires we strengthen the inner resources of the humans within an organization and create organizations that support that growth.

The end goal is to create people and organizations that thrive within an environment of continuous change.


Peter Brownell

It’s time to change the world. It’s time to create the future that we need. I seek the inflection points that can make tomorrow a better place.

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