Reading this made me think of Ivan Illich’s book “Tools for conviviality”. Back in the 60’s he was saying we should remain mindful of our relationship with technology, and know when we pass the point where it turns from our tool to our master.

Something we seem to have forgotten in this age of continuous information flow is that that “more is never enough”. We have been led to believe that if we communicate more, then we are being more collaborative, more open, more engaged with our peers. Unfortunately all this noise flowing around our slack/facebook/stride/whatsapp channels is often just getting in the way of us making our own decisions.

Establishing a set of rules to limit communication is a great way to bring awareness and value back to something we have cheapened to a point where it is close to worthless.

This concept is important. I’ll hold it close. Thank you.

It’s time to change the world. It’s time to create the future that we need. I seek the inflection points that can make tomorrow a better place.

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