Unlike school, life does not really give us many opportunities to know the correct answer. There is only the answer we choose, not because we have enough information, but because we made a choice.

The Butterfly effect —Created with https://deepdreamgenerator.com/

“Hence paradoxically, as we accumulate more data and increase our computing power, events become wilder and more unexpected.”

— Yuval…

The Tarot and the seasons.

A simple map of the Tarot Major Arcana…

The Tarot is a systemic map of perspectives, if we apply it within an organization, it can provide a foundation for ethical action.

One of the introduction presentations.

An online tool to generate three questions for retrospective or strategy meetings.

Try a bit of Tarot in a meeting

The Tarot is a book of change. It tells a story of the way things change. The process of learning Tarot is learning to recognise how the pattern of change appears around you.

1. Ignore all the esoteric stuff (to start with)

Forget the superstition, the Tarot is a map of meaning that lets you unpick complexity. To learn the cards, learn the system.

  • Tarot will help you make better decisions
  • Tarot will allow you to better cope with change
  • The cards will train you in systems thinking
  • You’ll deepen your relationships
  • And “reading” the tarot will teach you to trust your intuition, a vastly…

Change the nature of your work.

From static to dynamic

The future is too complex for anyone to have a plan, we have to learn to do things differently.

We’re exploring new ways of doing, being and working. It’s a long journey. We’d like to share the path. This is a snapshot of some of what we found along the way.

Newsletter #1 — September 2020


  • Stuff we found online
  • Thoughts from our journals
  • Quotes and concepts that we found significant
  • Stories from our work
  • Practices that make a difference

Articles, resources and tools

Peter Brownell

It’s time to change the world. It’s time to create the future that we need. I seek the inflection points that can make tomorrow a better place.

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